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Southern Goodness was created in 2010 by Chef Charlene and her husband Brian.  They worked hard to build a company that reflects the style and hospitality that is representative of their birth state (Mississippi). The combination of Brian’s business savvy and Chef Charlene’s cuisine creates a beautiful event that your guests are sure to remember. Don’t stress about what to cook for that big party you’re hosting. Don’t think twice about who to call for that corporate lunch or event. Let Southern Goodness take care of all your catering needs!

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Chef Charlene was born in Mississippi and moved to Texas in 2000. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have one son. She is a trained chef with a God-led passion for cooking and loves sharing that passion through Southern Goodness. Chef Charlene‘s beautiful grandmother, Eula V., prepared dinner for the entire family every Sunday. Eula V. had a God-given gift and Charlene is thankful that gift was passed on to her.

Chef Charlene earned her Culinary Arts degree and has loved this business ever since.  “In the beginning of my professional career, I was in an industry I did not enjoy. After being laid off, my husband pushed me to make a huge career change to do something my heart loves. I have a tremendous passion for preparing dishes for others to enjoy. My dishes are a combination of learning from my wonderful grandmother who cooked with love and joy in her heart; techniques learned from trained chefs while in culinary school and in professional kitchens; and the passion, excitement, and love I have for cooking.”

What do you get when you choose Southern Goodness? You get our passion for what we do, our Mississippi hospitality, and our delicious cuisine.  Call or email us today for your next lunch, dinner, or special event!